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This blog (mostly) covers technology and software development. It runs on a custom engine hosted on Google App Engine - the blog code is under continued development - theoretically at least :-) -so please excuse any bugs or glitches you may encounter.

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Most recently I've been a web developer for Europe's biggest equities exchange. Previously I've worked at organizations such as News Corporation and Google. Projects I've been involved in have been covered in outlets such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Register and TechCrunch.

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Latest tweets

Worrying how people who clearly have no idea what they're talking about are making decisions affecting the rest of us
Went a week w/o GoT being spoiled (in US at an HBO-less hotel); now seeing how long I can remain oblivious of whatever Apple just announced.
I can't imagine a better time to try to convince people that an always-online device that watches them is a must-have item #XboxE3 #PRISM
Ages ago, I wanted to make a B3ta-ish quiz called "Startup or Stasi", to highlight dodgy privacy statements & T&Cs of FB etc. Too late now.
Told by an official at LHR that using my new e-passport will always require a human to check it due to my name :-( #isntthatdiscrimination
Maybe I'm massively behind the times, but I've only just been made aware of this "The Internship" thing - oh dear....
Wondered why "Google Wallet Service" was showing up after recently updating to a recent Chromium nightly build:
Just had an accident claim nuisance caller accuse me of wasting *his* time - didn't believe I'd had an accident in a car with reg P155OFF...
Good to see the serious business press highlighting the most important aspect of the latest tech company acquisition
"with foo as bar" clauses having the values the opposite way round in SQL vs Python irritates me far more than it probably should
RT @firefox: "I want companies to be able to track every move I make online and sell that information to make money." - No one ever.
Not sure whether to laugh or cry whenever The Guardian run an article about protecting your privacy online....
Twitter meltdown in 5.. 4... 3... 2... 1...
So Richard Branson (born 1950) says he "[learned] how to code and program computers when I was a kid" ?!? Hmmm....