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Twitter feed on this blog broken

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A lame update in just about every respect...

I've belatedly noticed that the tweet panel on the right hasn't been updated for a week or so. Investigating this using App Engine's local development server though, the latest tweets were pulled in fine.

The logs on the live server indicated that Twitter was returning an HTTP 400 'Bad Request' status, leading me to suspect that maybe something within the Google infrastructure was mangling the request in some way. Only by dumping the HTTP headers returned from Twitter did I find that my requests were actually being refused due to a rate-limit being breached - which means that the 400 status was a complete red herring, something like 509 'Bandwidth Limit Exceeded' would be far more accurate about describing the true cause of the problem.

Digging up the Twitter API docs, it seems that unauthenticated GET requests are rate-limited by IP address. Given that thousands of App Engine apps will effectively all share the same IP, it's hardly surprising that the limit of 150 requests (per hour?) has already been reached every time I make a request. I've been caught out by this before with other APIs, but this is the first time I've been aware of any such problems with Twitter. I guess I'll have to upgrade my code to use the OAuth or something - assuming I can be bothered.

In this supposed era of cloud computing, rate-limiting by IP seems a bit of a crummy thing to do. It'll probably be reasonable if/when IPv6 becomes the default addressing method, but when just about everyone is still using IPv4, it's a colossal pain in the backside.

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