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Paste and don't go

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One of the nicest minor tweaks in the latest versions of Chrome, Opera and Firefox is the "paste and go" option in the right-click context menu when you copy a URL into the address bar. Safari is on a much slower upgrade cycle though, so you would have to follow pasting the URL by hitting enter to actually load it.

This wouldn't be too bad, except that the Windows version of Safari has a bug. Try the following:

  1. Load some arbitrary page
  2. Copy and paste a different URL into the address field using the r-click menu (not Ctrl-V!)
  3. Hit enter
Rather than load the new URL, Windows Safari goes back to the original URL - unlike its OS X version and every other Windows browser. (It does do the right thing if you paste via Ctrl-V though.)

Now, I guess the usage figures for Safari on Windows are pretty pathetic in the overall scheme of things, so not many people will care. I personally don't use it that much either, but the main use-case I have is when testing pages in multiple browsers (or if I want a "clean" environment without cookies from prior testing) - and C&Ping; URLs into the address field is the main way of doing this...

I've submitted this as a bug via the Safari option, but as Apple don't seem to have a public issue tracker - unless this is part of the WebKit tracking? I haven't checked - I'm just blogging this now to have a record of the issue for posterity. Hopefully they'll follow the pack and add a "paste-and-go" option, making this bug moot.

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